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About Me

My name is Hunter, I'm from Mass, and I am a Political Science student at Northeastern University. My favorite hobby is eating tide pods, but don't tell my mom, okay?

I'm an avid musician. I play piano, guitar, bass, and I sing. Plus, I write and produce my own stuff! Some of my favorite acts include Pink Floyd, David Bowie, and The Doors, but I also enjoy more modern bands like Radiohead and Black Midi.

I'm quite the gamer as well. I own almost every console Nintendo has released, and I've spent most of my life collecting games that I enjoy. I mainly play stuff that's on the older side, but nothing can beat the thrill when a new game you've been waiting forever for finally comes out.

In addition to these, I also really enjoy movies, cooking, reading, getting way too drunk, and most importantly, spending time with the people who are important to me. Despite how sarcastic I can be nearly all the time, I think of myself as a very sincere person when it counts, and I hope that quality comes through.

Anyhow, that's enough about me. Maybe you lot oughta tell me about yourselves one of these days. I swear, sometimes I feel like the only one who ever talks in this relationship... 🙄


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First Post

Howdy! My name is Hunter and I am a proud first-time blogowner. Maybe now I can finally move out of my parents' basement. As a proud new blogowner, I'm hot to trot to do what every new blogowner should do when they start owning their blog: introduce themselves. But I don't want to get ahead of myself, so I'll explain what exactly it is I plan to do here. Most blogs have a "theme." However, when I bought this blog, management forgot to give me one. So, I've decided that I can get by without one. There's a couple things I'll probably post about more frequently, but for the most part, I'm gonna spend my time talking about pretty much whatever's on my mind. Might be a movie review, might be a rant on something more philosophical, literally anything I'm hot and bothered about. As a consequence of that, if nothing's on my mind, or I'm really busy, I probably just won't post for a while. This is also a good place to stay updated ab